The online solution for your fantasy football entry fees

Multiple payment options, and optional league approval for payouts.

  • Secure Your Funds all season
  • Set up your league in two minutes
  • Collect Entry Fees

    Make payments by
    credit/debit card and e-check

  • Safeguard League Funds

    LeagueSafe secures league
    funds throughout the season

  • Authorize Payouts

    Voting options to approve
    end-of-season payouts

  • Withdraw Winnings

    Winnings available within hours
    of the end of the season


The Wall Street Journal

“Pity the poor fantasy football league commissioner.

Forced to deal with owners who pay late, draft dawdlers, endless griping about the rules and owners who want better tight end scoring, the job of commissioner is no picnic. Commissioners must front the money for online league hosting fees, must chase down non-paying owners and (more often than not) find themselves stuck with the bill for pizza and beer consumed during the draft.

LeagueSafe is the answer to the prayers of disgruntled fantasy commissioners

Even after the draft is over, they must scrub the beer and salsa stains from their rugs and figure out what to do with a four-foot-by-eight-foot draft board.

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